Interview with Goldman Sachs Banker of Elevator Fame

Sep 25, 2011
J. Webster
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I always thought the person running the Goldman Sachs elevator Twitter account didn’t really work at Goldman Sachs, but it turns out he actually does. He’s gaining followers too, with over 15,000 right now. I wonder if Goldman allows him to get away with this since it’s almost a way to air the worst of the worst possible stereotypes of the Goldman Sachs worker in a comical platform – sort of lessens them in a way. Either way, it’s pretty damn funny and, sometimes, perhaps goes a bit too far.

The creator of @GSElevator agreed to be interviewed over e-mail, provided we protect his or her anonymity. (We at DealBook have our hunches, but we’ll keep them to ourselves.) As we’ve seen this summer, it’s not easy to remain an anonymous finance blogger, but we tip our hat to you, sir or madam, for trying.

Q. Who are you?

A. Simply put, I am a banker who has some free time now that market volatility and the usual August summer lull has brought capital markets to a virtual halt. I am also someone who has long been cynical of the industry and the people that build their entire sense of self around it.

Q. Why did you start this thing?

A. Again, I wanted to amuse myself during the summer lull and while market volatility keeps capital markets transactions to a minimum. I also thought that despite the disdain out there that exists for Wall Street professionals, people still really have no idea really how bad it is — and how shallow the industry really is, and frankly, how unimpressive 98 percent of the employees are.

Q. Are you really a Goldman employee?

A. Yes. However, I cannot really elaborate on this in terms of team or location, other than to say that I am a career banker. And to preemptively clarify, I am in a front-office, revenue-producing, client-facing role. Apologies for the aggressive clarification, but it is quite pathetic to see back/middle office employees telling people (women in bars) that they are “investment bankers.” If people are at all skeptical about my employment status, it doesn’t bother me. I am doing this for my own amusement.

Read the full interview over at DealBook.

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