Does Nouriel Roubini Hope There’s a Double Dip or a Recession?

Sep 8, 2011
J. Webster
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I’m starting to get the feeling Nouriel Roubini hopes there’s a double dip or a recession in the United States. Actually, it’s becoming clear that that’s what Roubini is praying for before he drifts off to sleep thinking of more gloomy things to say, as little sheep with horns and red eyes jump through his head.

If you following Roubinhi on Twitter you’re stream is constantly filled with his tweets about how there’s a 50% chance for a double dip. Then a few minutes later it’s a 80% chance. Then it’s a tweet about a double dip and a long drawn out recession.

It all makes sense though, a recession is Roubini’s time to shine. His time to say I told you so. His time to smile and soak up all the doom and gloom and drink a shot or two in celebration. This is what he lives for.

I picture Roubinhi up in his house on the hill, like the Grinch, who’s tired of the song and dance from the American people, all bloated on too much credit and debit. And when the double dip comes, the recession. He’ll come down and snatch away anything that’s left. However, he’ll realize that perhaps the people can get through a slow down, a recession and even a double dip. That’s when he’ll finally change his doom and gloom tune.

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