Cramer Interviews Tim Geithner

Sep 14, 2011
J. Webster
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In a way, Jim Cramer has find his mark, his place, his zone if you like: which is asking tough questions and interviewing CEOs and people like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

It was at the Delivering Alpha conference that Cramer sat down and went right to work with Tim Geithner, asking questions a lot of traders and investors want to know. Like can Europe survive? Will there be another Lehman Brothers in Europe? And so on.

With Cramer’s experience and knowledge of the market, he’s one of the best people around to get into the ring and ask the questions. His passion comes through, his smarts come through, and he gets answers. Take a look.

One of the funnier moments comes when Cramer asked Geithner if he’s ever “afraid” of getting fired, the secretary replied: “I’ve been hoping, uh, for sometime.”

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