Ben Bernanke the Comedian

Sep 8, 2011
J. Webster
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Do you hear them laugh at my jokes? I killed it. When I was asked about what I thought of Paul Giamatti portrayal of me in “Too Big to Fail” I said, “I didn’t see that movie, but I saw the original.” The crowd loved it.

Oh yeah, I had another zinger, when I was asked about the dissension at the federal reserve meetings, all 18 of us sitting around a table. I said, “If there are two people that agree on a committee, then one of them is redundant.” Zing. Take that Seinfeld.

See ya kids. I’m off to trim my beautiful beard. I know you wish you had one. I’ll say it gain, my face will be on a coin when this is all said and done.

And before I forget, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry can’t eat it. Who do they think they are saying I should be removed from my position. Do they realize we were on the verge of a Great Depression a few years ago. The world on the verge of failing apart? How quickly they forget. How easily they make those comments so far removed from the situation I was in. Don’t get me started with Perry’s, “We would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas” crap.

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