Stock Market Crushed: Quotes of the Day

Aug 8, 2011
J. Webster
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Let’s take a look at some of the best quotes of the day from the Twitter stream on this terrible day in the market, unless of course you were short the market, then you’re doing the dance of joy. But here
are some funny and wise quotes from the Twitter stock trading world.

Zero Hedge “But Cramer said to buy at the open”

Jon Najarian “In the movies Rocky always gets up. That’s not looking so good here”

Reformed Broker “No, this is the bottom. no wait, this is the bottom. no, this is really the bottom…”

RM Brenna “The floor is scary this morning. Guys yelling at each other everywhere. Keep it cool, traders. Yelling doesn’t help anyone”

Zero Hedge “Gold is a religion”

Howard Lindzon “After 13 years running a hedge fund I am programmed to nibble on down 600 Dow days…so I am again. so should you”

Joesph Fahmy “I’ve been in cash for 2 weeks. When the market is under severe “forced liquidation,” throw out ALL technical support levels”

Sunrise Trader “Yes we are extremely oversold and the market could & probably will bounce at any time. Just ask those who thought this on Fryday. Staying cash for now”

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