Nouriel Roubini: This is My Time

Aug 21, 2011
J. Webster
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Well, I was right and have been right since 2007. I predicted the housing collapse and now again have predicted the stock market fall. Have you noticed how everyone wants to hear from me now? I’m constantly being asked questions on Twitter, requests for TV interviews have skyrocketed, and I have more parties to attend than Prince in 1999.

This is my TIME! Hear me roar! Listen to me. I am god. I’m bigger than George Soros. I am Dr. DOOOOOOOOOOOOM. I don’t care what everyone else is saying, it’s me you must listen to. Not Bernanke. Not Timmy Geithner. How old is that kid anyway? He looks like he should be in college. Not Obama. It’s me who’s the chosen one.

To those who are trying to join me now in my end of the financial world type predictions, STAY OUT. I crafted this image and persona. I am Dr. Dooooom! I’m the half empty guy, not you, so don’t even try to tread on my turf. It’s too late anyway. Now you just look like a chicken little, saying the sky is falling. I’m the one who has been predicting this all a long. No jobs. Nobody to buy houses. Too much debt. It’s my story not yours.

Henry Blodget keeps asking me, ‘how much infrastructure stimulus would be meaningful and good balance? $1 trillion?’ It gets a bit annoying but I answered him in a series of Tweets. Go read them on my Twitter.

Don’t look at me in the eye. Yes, yes that’s better, bow down before me. Bow down before me. I’m the king of glass half empty. Here’s my words of wisdom for you, and FREE of charge no less. You don’t even have to take my business school classes. Here’s my tweet to you as a gift, a present for just you alone, my sweets:

@Nouriel Nouriel Roubini
Cash (and US long term Treasuries) is King in 2011

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