Limited Edition Bernard Madoff iPad Covers

Aug 12, 2011
J. Webster
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Yes, this is for real. A designer has made iPad covers fashioned from Bernie Madoff’s pants and sweaters. And I guess people are actually buying these things, with one ‘high-powered’ Wall Street attorney buying up all the cashmere iPad covers to give out as Christmas gifts – or maybe April Fools jokes – hopefully. How much do they cost, only $350 green backs., a website that sells eco-friendly customized iPad covers, has created a limited edition Bernard Madoff Collection that is now on sale. The 31 iPad covers have been re-fashioned from the convicted felon’s pants bought at the Madoff U.S. Marshals auction held in New York last November.

Frederick James founder John Vaccaro was drawn to create the new iPad cover website shortly after the purchase of his own iPad. He wanted a cashmere sweater cover and decided to attend the Madoff auction to check out the sweaters being auctioned off there and ended up buying all of them. “Those 5 cashmere iPad covers were bought by a high-powered Wall Street attorney who gave them out as Christmas gifts,” says Vaccaro.

Vaccaro says, “There are a lot of collectors out there who would like to own a quirky piece of history, even the worst kind. I would have been first in line to own a piece from the Dillinger or Bonnie & Clyde era.” Proceeds from the auction went to help the Madoff victims. Madoff is an incarcerated felon and the mastermind of what has been described as the largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history.

Vaccaro bought all 16 pairs of Madoff’s pants, ranging from Polo Ralph Lauren to Banana Republic to Murphy & Nye sailing pants and hired a designer to have them made into iPad covers.

Here’s a potential conversation an owner of said Bernie Madoff iPad cover might have at a nearby Starbucks or coffee shop of some kind:

Jane: “Oh, where did you get that iPad cover? It looks nice.”

Richard: “Bernie Madoff’s pants!”

Jane: “AHHHHHH, good one.”

Richard: “No, really, it’s actually made from Bernie Madoff’s pants. See where the button pocket is, that would be where his butt would be in the pants when he wore them. Yeah, Madoff’s actual butt.”

Jane: “And you actually paid for this thing.”

What’s good about all of this: the money does go to charity. Oh yeah, the limited edition part, what, does the designer actually intend to make more of these iPad covers from Madoff’s prison pants. Of course their limited edition. Perhaps this is all a joke.

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