Jamie Dimon’s Positive Message

Aug 9, 2011
J. Webster
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JPM Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon had a very upbeat and positive message at a Vancouver, Washington employee barbecue. Dimon is on a West Coast tour, perhaps trying to welcome in the members of the new branches along the coast, many formerly apart of Washington Mutual branches most likely. It was a message that’s perhaps the antithesis of Nouriel Roubini, who sees the U.S. economy stuck in a deep ugly swamp.

“Eventually this great economic machine will start to turn, and when it does it will blow your socks off,” said Dimon, 55, casually dressed in Levi’s and New Balance running shoes at the parking lot barbecue.

Let’s hope Dimon’s right. Some were upset at the barbecue, though. Dimon ate up all the hot dogs and didn’t leave any for anyone else. He said he was training for a hot dog eating contest. Everyone laughed. Everyone smiled. Everyone was happy to have a job.

Dimon even signed a few autographs after the short speech. He said to himself, “I could get used to this attention. I’m tried of all the evil banker talk. Matter a fact, we bankers deserve more credit and adulation for what we do.”

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