Grasso, Najarian, and Wapner Hit the Town

Aug 30, 2011
J. Webster
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If Scott Wapner appears a bit hungover tomorrow, on Fast Money’s halftime report, or God forbid, has to call in sick, you can blame Steve Grasso and Jon Najarian. Why? The CNBC boys were out on the town after the show in motherfu##$@# NYC. Wapner was all excited at first, taking to Twitter to say the city was bustling and the restaurant packed. You might even say he was jacked up:

The CNBC Fast Money crew started off by hitting up Scalinatella for dinner and then it was on from there, as they say. It was the first time Wapner had agreed to join Grasso and Najarian out on the town. They’d been chiding and kidding him for weeks saying he needed to grow some balls and join them for some drinks one night. Although he’d been warned repeatedly by Joe Terranova and Guy Adami not to go out with them, but curiosity kills the cat.

After Scalinatella, they got a few drinks at a bar around the corner, just some warm up tequila shots, three each, which they downed one after the other in about five minutes. The third one nearly caused Wapner to vomit but he soldiered on. He’s a team player. They then were on to a gentlemen’s club, just to chill out and let their food digest. This was going to be a long night. Wapner hesitated, didn’t feel right going inside. And this is where it got rough for Wapner and he tried to back out and head home, claiming he had to get up early. After a few lap dances that Wapner endured against his will more or less, and when they ordered their second round of drinks, he finally stood his ground:

“Just try it,” Grasso said. “It’s not going to kill you.”

“Come on man. You’re out with the boys. No worries. We do it all the time. Hell, I’ve gone without sleep for days, just a couple red bulls before the fast money halftime show and you’ll be fine. Everyone on Wall Street does it,” Najarian said.

“You ain’t leaving,” the Citadel trader said, grabbing Wapner tightly by the arm.

“Man, it’s just a shot of whiskey dropped in a beer. It’s a boilermaker. God damn son. Get yourself together. It’s not like you’re going to hell. What did you think we were going to do?” Grasso said.

“Dude, Wapner, we’re on to the club after this, you can’t bail now…We’re going big tonight. You’re going to see some Eyes Wide Shut sh@# tonight,” Najarian said.

At that point, Wapner made a run for it ripping his arm away from the nameless Citadel trader with the side burns. Just ditched straight out of the joint like it was on fire. It wasn’t even midnight. He knew he’d be the laughing stock at CNBC tomorrow. He didn’t care. He wasn’t going down that road. He’d made it on CNBC and was now the main host of Fast Money’s halftime show. He didn’t want to ruin it with one meaningless night of debauchery. He just wasn’t. They always tried to get Melissa Lee to come along but she always said no. He could see why now. Maria Bartiromo would understand. She’d have his back. She’d hold him in her bosom and tell him everything would be alright.

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