Cramer’s F.A.D.S. C.A.N. Group is Back!

Aug 2, 2011
J. Webster
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Back, as in you can start buying these stocks again. That’s what Cramer said on Mad Money. It’s a good time to get in on some F.A.D.S. C.A.N. names even though these stocks could get hit hard as the market falls. These are high growth stocks with plenty of more room to grow and it’s a good time to get in on some high flyers when the market tanks.

What types of companies are in this group? Well, a networking company, an online retail giant, a shoe company, a software/cloud computing company, a quality burrito restaurant, a beast of a tech company with a fruity name, and then an online movie service.

Finally, Cramer said investors can own a high-growth speculative company. He revisited F.A.D.S. C.A.N., a group of high-growth stocks that tend to be the hardest hit stocks on down days, but tend to bounce back furiously. The stocks in this group include F-Five (FFIV), Amazon (AMZN), Deckers (DECK), (CRM), Chipotle (CMG), Apple (AAPL) and Netflix (NFLX).

Proceed cautiously though, as Cramer stated above, these are “high growth speculative companies”. The best approach, which is a hallmark of Cramer’s school of trading, is to buy in portions of the stock as it goes down – averaging in on the stock.

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