Who Is This Woman in the Blue Dress?

Jul 30, 2011
J. Webster
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Who cares about the debit limit crisis in the United States or the debit troubles in Greece or Italy or Spain or where ever else. We’ve got more important things to worry about.

Jon Najarian is perhaps our favorite Fast Money trader on CNBC for a myriad of reason. For one, he always seems to be right on with his trades, picking winners by following the options trail. Plus, he chronicles his jet setting lifestyle via Twitter along the way, with pictures of Times Square and sunsets as he travels back and forth from New York and Chicago. Sometimes he’ll even post a picture of his fellow Fast Money trader and brother Pete, which I don’t think Pete necessarily would want posted, like this one of him in his casual Friday attire.

You can also tell Najarian is passionate about trading stocks, and he likes to celebrate from time to time with a little wine or a drop of tequila. He’s fun. He’s always full of energy and smiling. He’s a pro. But there was one recent tweet by Mr. Jon Najarian that intrigued us more than most, not about a stock he was getting ready to load up on, but a woman he saw in the green room of the NASDAQ when he was ‘working’.

It’s a mystery we’d like to solve. Who is this women in the blue dress? Any idea?

Yeah, you can’t blame Mr. Najarian for snapping the pic.

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