The Anatomy of Cramer’s Call on Petrohawk (HK)

Jul 15, 2011
J. Webster
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Jim Cramer is bashed plenty, most famously by Jon Stewart, but Cramer also knows how to pick stocks from time to time. It’s just that he picks so many of them on a day to day basis, with a high degree of enthusiasm, that one is hard pressed to take his word as gospel. And there are just too many unknown factors that come into play, especially in today’s market. At times, we’re worried Cramer might explode at some point on Stop Trading he gets so jacked up. Yet that’s what we love about Cramer, too.

The truth is, it’s best to do your own research in conjunction with Cramer’s, and to follow his Charitable Trust via subscription, Action Alerts Plus, and not just watch the show – it’s too risky to just buy stocks based on his on the show calls. You need to see his real trades in real time, which he doesn’t show unless you’re part of the paid subscription.

But he does get more than a few right on the Mad Money show, and sometimes in a big way, as he did with Petrohawk Engery. See tweet below. The stock is up huge after BHP Billiton’s $12.1 billion bid for Petrohawk Energy – up over 60% today as a matter of fact.

This buyout offer made one Cramer watcher quite happy. Schools paid for he says.

Cramer was on Petrohawk pretty early, as far back as March 1st, 2011, he said the Houston-based natural gas company was a “teriffic buy” in his lightning round portion of Mad Money.

Then, on the June 3, 2011 Mad Money show, which Cramer references in the above Tweet, Cramer talked about Petrohawk Energy specifically in a whole piece on the search for shale in the United States. He said: “Petrohawk held 350,000 net acres in the Eagle Ford shale area. Although it’s mainly a natural gas producer, it’s shifting toward oil and liquids.” Here’s the video from the show. If you listened to Cramer on this one you nearly caught a double.

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