Six Questions for CNBC’s Amanda Drury

Jul 12, 2011
J. Webster
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The great and beautiful Amanda Drury is a staple on CNBC these days having transferred over from CNBC’s Asian headquarters a few years ago. We have since learned a few things about her watching CNBC, she won’t go down under with Joe Terranova, not that way, and she’s not afraid of snakes.

But we wanted to learn a few more things about her. The Australian native is now hosting a number of shows and appears with Cramer on Stop Trading – which she seems to be adjusting to, as Cramer’s like an animal that’s just been released from a cage.

Amanda Drury

Question: What’s it like talking to Jim Cramer during Stop Trading? Are you scared sometimes he might explode?

Answer: Hasn’t popped yet.

Q: What do you miss about not living in Australia?

A. Gumtrees.

Q. Is there one thing you always wear on set on CNBC, maybe like that purple watch?

A. Killer heels.

Q. Who’s the most underrated analyst or person working at CNBC?

A. Donut guy.

Q. If you weren’t a financial journalist, what would you be doing?

A. Kardashians need another sister?

Q. To stay in shape, what do you do?

A. Chasing markets.

These questions were answered by Amanda Drury via Twitter:

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