Pete Najarian’s Wife Will Be On “Wall Street Wives”

Jul 30, 2011
J. Webster
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There has to be a reality show about the wives of traders and investment bankers on Wall Street. There just has to be.

In the picture above, Lisa Najarian, is the blonde on the far left.

It is the pinnacle of all other wives, forget about Orange County or Jersey, Wall Street is where it’s at. That’s where the real money is. Beverly Hills, nah. It’s the green backs that litter the streets of Wall Street, whether that money is from a bailout or a short squeeze, it’s still green and the wives get some of it.

One wife that is going to be on the show just happens to be Lisa Najarian, wife of Fast Money’s ponytailed former pro footballer Pete Najarian, brother of ponytailed Jon. The brothers are some of the most honest and perhaps successful traders on CNBC’s Fast Money – they follow option action and run, and they always seem know when to place their trades/bets as they follow the puts and calls of the options market like tea leaves.

I wonder if we’ll get more shots of Pete Najarian’s casual Fridays look – his brother tweeted this pic:

Lisa Najarian: Ms. Najarian is married to Peter Najarian, the former NFL player and current contributor to CNBC’s “Fast Money.” (Aside from Ms. Fleming and Ms. Najarian, the show’s stars have requested that their husbands not be named in the show.) She has 2 children, and is the owner of Loopie Doop’s, a cookie bakery.

Source: NY Times – Deal Book

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