John Carney’s Beard Entering Bernanke Territory

Jul 5, 2011
J. Webster
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Word on the street is CNBC’s expert blogger and NetNet head honcho, John Carney, is trying to out do Bernanke’s soft white beard.

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Carney’s beard is starting to make more TV appearances and gaining attention not just on CNBC but on Twitter, too. I don’t know if Mr. Carney knows what he’s getting into by growing this beard. He’s crossing a line. Everyone on the street knows you don’t try to grow a beard that will upstage Bernanke’s beard.

It’s fine for Hollywood types to grow beards when they’re going through a crisis, as Conan O’Brien did, or if it just fits your personality, like Zach Galifianakis’s homeless man beard does. But on Wall Street, the only one with a true beard is supposed to be the Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke. It’s his zone. It’s his domain. It’s his power.

Mr. Carney, some advice, shave it off before it’s too late. Even if you’re just a Wall Street media player, don’t get into the beard battle with Bernanke, you’ll lose. Your exit plan should be quick and smooth.

Some of the tweets that are flying around about Carney’s beard:

@MandyCNBC Amanda Drury
Or Abe Lincoln RT @carney: Off camera, @MandyCNBC to me: “Does the beard mean you are trying out to be the next Fed chairman?”

@carney John Carney
My beard has an exit plan. RT: “@MarketSqueeze: @carney Ben Bernanke’s beard might be pissed you were on TV so much.”

@ComfortablySmug ComfortablySmug
New indicator- @carney ‘s beard seems to indicate downgrades in portuguese debt as well as warmer summers AIG quants already on the case.

@carney John Carney
The beard is outperforming expectations. On air 3 times, 3 different subjects today!

@coffeygrinds Andrew Coffey
@carney once grew a scruffy George Micheal beard just to make sure that CNBC had the most interesting man alive

Need a look at Carney’s beard, here he talks about tax hikes for hedge funds on CNBC on the Fast Money halftime report:

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