Buy AAPL, BITCH: Jesse Pinkman Says Apple’s Going Higher

Jul 26, 2011
J. Webster
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Seriously, Apple is a stock to own, even at $400 a share, yo. There’s no doubt it’s going higher. Why? CAUSE I SAID SO THAT’S WHY, BITCH. No, seriously, Apple’s been blowing things up and have mad business. You’ve got to have it. It’s like the blue stuff.

Apple is taking more share of the enterprise market with the iPhone and the iPad. That’s killing competitors. And once you’ve had a little taste, whether that’s an iPod or an iPhone, there’s no turning back, you’re only going to buy more Apple gear. The Blackberry is getting eaten alive – no more crack berry, yo. Hell, Mr. White and I even started to use the iPad to do calculations for a cook, yo.

Check the lines out when a new iWhatever comes along: they’re insanely long. There will be more long lines for future iWhatevers in whatever color or size or shape. Talk about moving some product. Steve Jobs, sick like my partner Mr. White, deserves mad respect. Mad, mad respect, yo.

They’ve got a little bit of dough in the bank, too. Like $76.2 billion. Yeah, that’s BILLION, bro.

Who needs college, yo, all you got to do is buy Apple’s stock and that’s your money tree. Take a look at this return on investment.

You see what they tried to do in China, with those fake Apple stores, mad respect for those people, yo. They went for it. Why not? Gots to make money somehow.

Here’s the real though. Get with the program and buy AAPL if you want to make cash. This is the only stock to own. The only stock. Look, the world is worried about the debit limit and a U.S. default and AAPL is still going higher, yo. That’s all you need to know. It’s like that. I’m buying more this second, bitch.

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