James Altucher Says Google is Going to $1500

Jul 29, 2011
J. Webster
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Google is flying high after strong Q2 earnings while investors continue to snap up shares after the successful launch of Google+. On CNBC’s Fast Money, James Altucher of Formula Capital says Google is going to $1500 a share! Yes, that’s right, $1500 per share. Google’s stock, which is hovering around $600 a share right now, would have to more than double if Altucher’s prediction is to come true.

Sure, Mr. Altucher is known for his outrageous and headline grabbing predictions, but, as you listen to him more and more, he makes a lot of sense. He’s talking about one of the best companies in the world and some say Google+ adds $45 billion to Net giant’s market value.

Also, Altucher isn’t worried about all the debit ceiling talk. He says people are still going to buy iPhones and tractors and candy for their kids. He’s right, there is generally panic driven stories in the media when the stock market starts to go down. It’s different when there’s an unforeseen problem, say like the housing collapse in 2007, but the debit ceiling issue is known and has been known for some time. It’s almost more a political problem than anything else.

Guy Adami gets in a gentle dig about him buying a comb for his hair, too.

“And maybe a brush from Vidal Sassoon.”

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