Goldman Sachs’ CEO Won’t Drink Tea with Thee

Jul 25, 2011
J. Webster
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In an almost Dr. Seuss like riff, worthy of Green Eggs and Ham, Gary Cohn says he won’t drink coffee or tea or any hot beverages with thee.

Cohn displayed his brusque side before Goldman Sachs’s annual shareholder meeting in Jersey City, New Jersey, on May 6, when a reporter asked if he would meet to talk over a cup of coffee. Cohn said he didn’t drink coffee. The reporter asked about tea. “I don’t drink hot beverages,” Cohn said.

You’ve got to laugh a little bit at this brusqueness, especially when reporters are calling Goldman Sachs vampire squids. It’s a nice try though by the reporter. Maybe he should have asked if he wanted some green eggs and ham. Telling Cohn, “you’ll like it, I swear.”

Read the full profile of Gary Cohn over at Bloomberg. It’s a very interesting piece, talking about how Cohn ending up trading stocks in the first place. Through lying to get his first job interview in the industry. It’s another case where you sort of admire the guys guts and courage but also see how he might be tempted to lie in another circumstance:

On a day off from a job selling window frames and aluminum siding at the home-products division of United States Steel Corp., Cohn spent a few hours at Comex. He cadged a ride to the airport with a trader, according to the speech. In the taxi, the man said he needed someone to help trade options.

“No problem, I’m your guy,” Cohn said.

He was invited to an interview the following Monday and spent the weekend preparing by reading Lawrence G. McMillan’s “Options as a Strategic Investment” four times, according to Cohn’s account. He got the job.

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