Bernanke’s Beard Speaks Again

Jul 14, 2011
J. Webster
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By Ben Bernanke’s beard

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The beard is back in focus. Yes, I’m the center of attention as it should be once again. Everyone hanging on my every word. What will he say? Will there be more stimulus? Will I keep rates low? Don’t mess with the beard if you know what’s good for you.

And no, these are the choices made and decided upon by me, Bernanke’s beard. The man they call Ben Bernanke would be nothing with out might white soft fluffiness. No gravitas. No grace. No honor.

Would you respect Bernanke if he showed up next week with me gone, shaved off? I didn’t think so. I put the smile on Bernanke’s face. This is the smile of someone who knows he’s right. The smile of satisfaction. The House Financial Services Committee looks upon for the solutions to the United States economy. What’s more, the world looks upon for solutions. I’m the Wizard of Oz.

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