Winifred Jiau (the Poohster)

Jun 6, 2011
J. Webster
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Winnie Jiau, who used to work at Taiwan Semiconductor and Nvidia, gave insider stock tips to a SAC Capital Advisors trader, Noah Freeman, she was paid $120,000 a year for the tips. Additionally, she received some nice gifts for the information, including iPhones, lobsters, and gift certificates – a $300 gift certificate from the Cheesecake factory for example. Pooh likes to eat. She gave excellent insider advice but was tough to work with, Freeman told the NY Times:

“I remember this because it was an unusual time to serve lobsters,” said Mr. Freeman, who mentioned that he had a family home in Maine.

A prosecutor then showed Mr. Freeman an e-mail that he had sent to his secretary with the subject line, “Can you please send lobsters to Winnie?”

“I know you hate her but we have to do this,” he wrote.

“Sure thing,” the secretary, Annie Gallin, replied. “I hope she gets sick from the lobsters.”

“Me too (but not dying, just suffering),” Mr. Freeman responded.

Ms. Gallin dutifully sent a dozen lobsters from the Fresh Lobster Company in Gloucester, Mass., across the country to Ms. Jiau, who lives in Fremont, Calif. But there was a slight problem.

“Typical Winnie to leave 12 lobsters to die at FedEx,” Ms. Gallin wrote in a follow-up e-mail. “She has no heart.”

She did, however, like to serve lobster on the holidays. The next month, Ms. Jiau asked for another dozen lobsters for Christmas, a request with which Mr. Freeman dutifully complied.

You’d think the Poohster might have a hankering for something sweeter, maybe some honey. Looks like she got her hand caught in the jar though. She could get 25 years in prison for the stock tips, not sure how much time Mr. Freeman could get, he’s cooperating witness and has already plead guilty. It seems like he’s trying to throw the Poohster under the bus. Sure, she’s at fault, but he must have been making a lot more honey than she was for the stock advice. I’m guessing he made a lot more than some lobsters, a few iPhones and $120K. Greed is good? Not this time. No honey, just a swarm of bees coming your way.

Full story at the NY Times.

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