Joe Terranova’s Strategy for Buying Ford

Jun 15, 2011
J. Webster
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Update: Looks like Fast Money’s Joe Terranova has bailed out on Ford’s stock. Here’s his post on Twitter where he said he sold the stock:

Joe Terranova is building a position in Ford, with a 3 to 6 month time frame for stock. Seems like a good strategy, as Ford is the car manufacturer who weather the financial collapse the best, and who didn’t need a bailout. The big potential for Ford though lies in China, and if they can increase their market share in the biggest market for cars in the world. Right now Ford (F) is down around $13 per share, where it seems to have bottomed.

However, Ford’s stock took a hit this week when an Ohio judge said the company had to pay$2 billion in damages to thousands of dealerships who participated in a 2002 class-action lawsuit.

Joe Terranova says his strategy over the next 4 weeks is, “each Tuesday buy a quarter position in Ford”. See the video below on Fast Money’s Final Trade:

What do you think, are you buying Ford along with Joe?

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