Jim Cramer: Accepting It’s a Grim Stock Market

Jun 6, 2011
J. Webster
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Jim Cramer joining the consensus and saying the stock market could go flat for the year before it finds a bottom. No jobs and no insight from the government into how to get the job market going again has left the caffeinated Cramer with no other choice. Maybe Cramer should call Jon Stewart and let him know he’s not so mad all the time.

Cramer’s final thoughts in the piece were these:

“Nevertheless, it is important to be realistic so as not to lead people astray, and to accept that it is possible that the market goes flat for the year before we find a bottom. I know this is the consensus view. I hate being part of the consensus. But it does seem like the most realistic view as well as the consensus view and I never mind joining it when the facts agree with the story.”

You can read the full opinion piece over at Cramer’s site: The Street.com

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