James Altucher: Dow to Hit 20,000 By End of 2012

Jun 6, 2011
J. Webster
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Is this call just a publicity stunt, pure craziness? Is it only Altucher trying to get some attention? Perhaps, what’s more though, Altucher is actually worried there will be too much of a boom in the coming years. He’s worried there will be another quantitative easing, a QE3, when QE2 hasn’t even started to take effect. He says companies are sitting on piles of cash and will just buy their stocks if they go any lower.

Why exactly does he think Dow is going to 20,000 in less than two years? Check out the video from CNBC’s Fast Money. Altucher does make some interesting points. What’s interesting to me though is the idea that you do have to stick your head out when everybody else is afraid, if you want to make money in the stock market. If you have a long term horizon, the banks and the home builders are the most hated stocks in the market, seems like if you pick the best of breeds so to speak, you should do very well.

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