Cramer’s Take on Pandora

Jun 15, 2011
J. Webster
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One thing Jim Cramer is very good at is giving a succinct analysis of a stock. He can very quickly cut to the chase and find if there’s any meat on the bone.

Here’s Cramer’s take on the Pandora IPO from his Stop Trading segment on CNBC:

Pandora (P) opened at $20 a share. The Internet radio said it currently has 90 million subscribers, but Cramer isn’t impressed. He said the company could have twice as much and it wouldn’t matter to him. To Cramer, the most important thing is whether a company is making money and at this time, Pandora isn’t turning a profit. So he would flip the stock.

Sure, he does it all the time on his Mad Money show in the lightning round, but sometimes he does it with such surgical precision, it’s to be admired. Yeah, he’s not right all the time, and sometimes widely wrong, yet, is there a better and more passionate analyzer of stocks?

What do you think, are you a buyer or selling of Pandora?

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