Cramer Does NOT Like This Market!

Jun 8, 2011
J. Webster
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Mad Money’s Jim Cramer is making it clear he DOES NOT like this stock market right now, particularly the financials and technology stocks.

What usually happens when the Mad Money host takes a decidedly negative turn on the stock market is the home gamers, his flock of followers who watch the show, tend to turn negative on Jim Cramer. And very negative and very quickly. They are angry, frustrated, and losing money, as their holding stocks Cramer said to buy just few weeks ago. They are afraid, too. Perhaps some even bought on margin, which Cramer has always been against.

The stock market is a serious game, and if you can’t hold on to or are willing to sell your stocks and take a loss, then it’s probably a game you shouldn’t be playing. The market is always going to fluctuate, that’s what it does. Advice: don’t panic but stick to your plan.

This from Cramer’s Tweeter feed:

@jimcramer Jim Cramer
Reiterating how much i hate tech and financials–materials not any better. It is total be careful out there mode. Bad, bad market!!!!

@jimcramer Jim Cramer
My posture is negative. I have done multiple pieces ans shows about how the market is not good right now.

@jimcramer Jim Cramer
It would be easier with some of you just for me to say ” I love it all of the time,” but then i would be worthless…

@jimcramer Jim Cramer
I have been writing and talking and investing for 32 years. I do change my mind to avoid big declines. That’s what i do.

@jimcramer Jim Cramer
I am the only manager on earth who tells you what i am doing before i do it and answers questions about individual stocks on air.

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