Corner Office: Lloyd Blankfein

Jun 11, 2011
J. Webster
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This is an old video, from September 2009, but a good one. Blankfein talks about what he learned from the financial crisis and what he does in times of high stress at Goldman Sachs since then, from walking around the office more to just talking to more people at the firm – emailing, sending a voice mail to the entire firm.

He is a fun guy to listen to, for the CEO of the vampire squid he seems very candid and straightforward, and I like how he throws in a ‘hell’ now again when he talks.

His first job at age 13, a vendor at Yankee stadium in the upper decks, this was in the 1960s.

Adam Bryant of The New York Times talks with Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, about leading through the financial crisis and his management style.

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