Chuck Close: Is the Art Market More Corrupt Than Wall Street?

Jun 2, 2011
J. Webster
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Artist Chuck Close says comparing art dealers to Wall Street crooks is unfair. Actually, he’s blown away that people would make such a comparison. After all, he says, artists will work for free to help a company get back on its feet, you wouldn’t see that at say Bear Stearns. Actually, you wouldn’t see that because they’d have to go work for JP Morgan, which a lot of them probably did, but not for free of course.

Mr. Close also said artists, women artists that is, would postpone having a baby so they can focus on their work. Wall Street women would just hire a nanny or two or three, I guess. Lastly, he says, incredulously, that artists are happy being poor, content to work on their art and not focused on making money. The question seems absurd to Chuck Close on the whole, see for yourself in the video below. He’s left scratching his head at even articulating a response to the idea that the art market is more corrupt than Wall Street. Have you ever heard an artist say greed is good. Nah, they’ll take the money though won’t they.

He’s right though, I’d much rather have a beautiful painting than a junky LinkedIn IPO. I guess this gets down to what’s being created, and is it of value, true value, or is it over priced, a bubble, a fraud, junk. Time will tell. And it gets a bit subjective, too, with art at least. On Wall Street, you’re either a buy or a short.

(Image Source: Connect In)

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