Bernanke Takes His Beard to Baseball Game

Jun 13, 2011
J. Webster
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We missed this one from a while back, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and his white beard took in a San Francisco Giants versus Washington Nationals major league baseball game.

AP Photo

Bernanke has the greatest beard on wall street, one of the few that we know of or have seen. Are there others? You would think their might be some copycats, wall streets who like this beard and try to imitate it. You can’t though, it’s not that easy to have such a white beard that looks so dignified, so neatly trimmed.

But, if he were to let himself go just a little bit, not trim the beard one day he could easily hide out on the streets of New York, holding up a sign for spare change. His beard though is one that fits in at the bottom rungs of society or at the top, standing at the podium with the world watching and parsing every single word. It’s a fine line though. And that’s what’s great about Bernanke’s beard, it’s as white as snow and Santa like, giving an expression of wisdom and intelligence, but on the verge of looking like a man who’s had too much to drink and hard times have gotten the best of him and beaten him down despite his efforts.

The federal reserve would be in a frenzy if one day he forgot to shave and trim the beard so neatly. If he shaved it off, the market might collapse, thinking Bernanke had gone off the deep end and lost his mind for some reason. It would be too much for the market to take, such a dramatic shift. The beard has become a calming force, if it were gone people wouldn’t know what to think.

Of course Bernanke stood up and removed his hat for the national anthem. This is the man, this is the beard, who saved the world from falling off a cliff and sinking into another Great Depression in 2009. Praise the beard. Worship it. People should be taking their hats off and bowing down to him and his beard when he walks into the room.

AP Photo

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