Apple Versus Research in Motion: The Lines Tell the Story

Jun 16, 2011
J. Webster
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Surprisingly, a few months back, when Research in Motion released the Blackberry PlayBook, there was a line of people waiting to buy it. Based on yesterdays earnings release though, and their poor guidance for next quarter, you’d think nobody had waited in line for the Playbook.

But remember, the image above is from a store in Toronto, Canada, so perhaps the people in line were just showing support for a Canadian company by waiting in line and purchasing the PlayBook. Or, maybe they were paid to wait in line just so it wouldn’t be so embarrassing for Research in Motion. This PlayBook is supposed to give Apple’s iPad a run for its money you know.

However, it doesn’t seem like the people in line, all ten or maybe twelve of them, had to get up very early to wait in line either. It’s not even dark out still. It’s like they just strolled up and got in line just before the Best Buy opened. Whereas, the lines at Apple stores start the night before or even days before in some cases, with people sleeping out in front of the store itself to get a good spot and to ensure they get a new iPad or iPhone or iSomething or other. Heck, Apple has more people waiting out in front of their stores for new iPad cases. Of course, Research in Motion doesn’t even have their own stores, remember.

Speaking of the iPad, and Apple, I wonder if Steve Jobs, since he’s a Buddhist and all, feels the least bit bad about destroying competing companies. Or, does a broad smile cross his face when companies announce poor earnings in large part due to Apple taking share and taking over the market entirely. I wonder if he listened to the RIMM conference call just for laughs – that’s too mean, he’s not like that. I don’t think. To me, it’s shocking that CEOs of Apple competitors aren’t nearly in tears or blatantly crying on these conference calls and just saying uncle. Saying, ‘Steve, we give up, you are the greatest.’

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Meanwhile, people are nearly killing themselves in China to get the new iPad and riots breaking out. I wonder which stock you should own, RIMM or AAPL?

‘Chinese staff stand guard at the entrance of an Apple store in Beijing’s chic Sanlitun commercial district in Beijing on May 7, 2011. Four people were hospitalized and a glass door smashed as a near riot broke out at Beijing’s top Apple store as crowds rushed to snap up the popular iPad 2 tablet computer.’

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