Yippy’s (YIPI) Stock Soars

May 26, 2011
J. Webster
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Never heard of Yippy (YIPI)? Yeah, me either. But this little stock, it was worth just 20 cents a month ago, has skyrocketed today, as it’s up over 123%, more than doubling after InfoSpace and Yippy announced they are entering a formal long-term partnership agreement for cost per click ads.

What is this company Yippy, though? Yeah, that’s what I was wondering. Turns out Yippy is the ‘world’s fastest, family friendly educational search engine and web portal’. Who knew. I only thought, as far as search engines, there was Google, Bing, and maybe Ask.com. I guess there’s room for one more….or what’s more likely, is maybe we’re in another tech/internet bubble as far as stocks go. Where all you need to do is add something related to the internet to your company and the stock will soar. And I thought no company was going to use an explanation point in their name again, as even Yahoo abandoned it. Not the case for Yippy!

Yippy isn’t just a search engine though, it’s more. Or at least that’s what they say:

‘send your query to multiple search engines, gather their results, and present them to you in a single, intuitive interface, making Yippy a much more powerful research tool than any one search engine.’

Sounds incredible and worth a lot of money, right? I don’t think this penny stock is going to last very long, think it heads back down to 20 cents again, just don’t see what they offer that’s unique. However, maybe there is room for one more ‘search engine’, there’s a big enough pie for one more to eek out a little niche.

This is their ‘unique’ attribute….

Yippy, which provides a “family-friendly” Internet environment offers a closed system that, through its browser, excludes millions of domains and ISPs that parents wouldn’t want children to see, said Richard Granville, CEO of Yippy.

We’ll have to see how this works out. Proceed with caution with this stock. There’s a reason it was a penny stock.

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