Warren Buffett Times Two

May 16, 2011
J. Webster
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Warren Buffett and Ed Asner, who plays Buffet in HBO’s new movie: ‘Too Big to Fail’, get together at the premiere in New York for a laugh.

Of course Buffett’s role in the saga of the financial collapse, which ‘Too Big to Fail’ depicts, is largely about his $5 billion dollar loan to Goldman Sachs.  The loan gave investors confidence in Goldman and helped fight off the short sellers, who were all over any financial stock during that period. Buffet of course made out like a bandit with the deal, earning over $500 million dollars of interest on the loan.

It looks like Asner has perfected the way Buffett opens his mouth when he laughs. These are two jolly old timers.  Two Santas. I wonder, does everyone who meets Buffett ask him what stock they should buy?

They then proceeded to wrestle when Warren Buffett refused to give Asner any stock picks. Warren simply laughed at him and pushed him away. Asner said he really needed some advice as he was going to have to retire soon. Buffett shot back, you’d be a good Santa Claus, I’m sure you could make money that way. That incensed Asner and he charged at him again.

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