Insiders Buying Huntington Bank (HBAN)

May 25, 2011
J. Webster
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Huntington Bank’s CEO Steve Steinour made a big purchase of his bank’s stock yesterday, scooping up 39,000 shares of HBAN at a price of $6.37 a share. He now holds 2.1 million shares, worth $13.2 million at Tuesday’s close of $6.36 a share. Full details are here.

This is not the only insider buying of HBAN though, the past few months insider’s have been loading up on the stock. And then there was a huge insider buying round for the secondary offering at the price of $6.30, which was done so Huntington Bank could pay off TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program).

If there seems to be a bottom or a point at which you should buy HBAN it is around this $6.30 price range. Of course, this all depends upon your time frame, and how quickly the economy turns around – meaning how quickly jobs are created in the United States.

See all the insider purchases over at Yahoo Finance for HBAN.

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