Cramer Loses Microphone, Voice, But Continues On

May 20, 2011
J. Webster
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Jim Cramer, you have to take your hat off to him some times, he loves the stock market it so much that nothing will stop him.  Not a take down of epic proportions by Jon Stewart, not all the hate filled attacks on Twitter, not losing his voice and a scratchy throat, and not even losing his microphone on live TV.  No, he surges on, through sleet, rain, snow and so on.  He must drink a special mix of tea and honey and red bull.  Love him or hate him the guy is a legend and is passionate about what he does.

Here, talking to Adrea Mitchell of MSNBC, he talks gas prices, and how they need to cut out the speculators by raising margins. Then, hopefully, we’ll get to under $4 a gallon and the market will turn.

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